War of 1812 Soldiers’ Graves

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Pittsylvania County’s soldiers of the War of 1812.

George Adams

George Adams may have served in one of the following units during the War of 1812: Detachment of Cavalry (1813-14), 2nd Virginia, 4th Virginia Artillery, 62nd Virginia.
He was the son of George Adams Sr. of Pittsylvania County and made his home at Oak Ridge plantation. He married Miss Justinia Watkins, daughter of Joel Watkins Esq. of Buckingham County, Virginia on October 14, 1829.

Isaac Brumfield

Isaac Brumfield served as a Private in Captain Edward Holt’s Company Virginia Militia from May to October of 1814. He married Letitia Mayhue on December 5, 1818 in Pittsylvania County. He died on January 11, 1849.


Benjamin W. S. Cabell

Benjamin William Sheridan Cabell first served on the staff of General Joel Leftwich, and afterwards General John Pegram. He married Sallie Epes Doswell in December of 1816 and settled in Danville, Virginia. Cabell remained in the Virginia Militia after the war and rose to the rank of Major General. He also served several times in the General Assembly and in the Constitutional Convention of 1829 – 1830.

Samuel Calland Jr.

Samuel Calland Jr. was the son of the Scottish immigrant Samuel Calland Sr., from which the Callands community took its name. He served as the Captain of a Pittsylvania County Artillery company during the War of 1812. He married Elizabeth C. Johnson on March 12, 1808. He died on March 22, 1818 at age 51.


Lawson H. Carter

Lawson H. Carter served as a Private in Capt. William Sale’s Cavalry during the War of 1812. He was born on June 13, 1781 and died on June 28, 1848. He’s buried on the grounds of the former Carter plantation “Green Rock”.


Rawley W. Carter

Rawley W. Carter was born on February 8, 1788. He served as a Sergeant with the 1st Virginia Cavalry during the War of 1812. He married Nancy M. Walton on November 28, 1829 in Pittsylvania County. Rawley died on October 18, 1847 and is buried at “Green Rock”.

William Chaney

William Chaney was born on September 20, 1792. He served as a Private in Captain Doctor C. Williams’ Virginia Militia Company and Captain Joseph Johnson’s Company of Virginia Militia. He enlisted on June 6, 1814 and was discharged on August 30, 1814. He first married Nancy Polly on March 6, 1815 in Pittsylvania County and after her death married Elizabeth Bradley on April 30, 1822. William died on February 29, 1876.

Thomas H. Clark

General Thomas H. Clark was born on December 3, 1786, son of the Revolutionary War Captain William Clark & his wife Jane White Clark. Thomas H. Clark held the rank of Captain in the 7th Virginia Regiment during the War of 1812. He rose to the rank of Brigadier General in the post-war Virginia Militia. He died unmarried on November 9, 1829.

William S. Clark

Colonel William S. Clark was a brother of General Thomas H. Clark. William was born on January 22, 1791. He served as a Lieutenant in the 3rd Virginia Militia during the War of 1812 and rose to the rank of Colonel in the post-war Virginia Militia. William S. Clark died on November 26, 1820

Daniel Coleman

Col. Daniel Coleman carried expresses as a boy during the American Revolution and by the War of 1812 he had risen to the rank of Colonel in the Pittsylvania County Militia. He served two tours of duty during the war, both as Colonel Commandant, first in Norfolk in 1812, then in Maryland in 1814. Colonel Coleman’s obituary was written by General Benjamin W. S. Cabell (read it here).

Stephen Coleman

Stephen Coleman was a brother of Col. Daniel Coleman and is buried next to him in the old family graveyard. He was the right age to have served during the War of 1812, however, no record of his service has been found.

Walter Coles

In 1814, Walter Coles was promoted to Captain in the 3rd U. S. Rifle Regiment of the regular Army during the War of 1812. His original commission from 1812 as a 2nd Lieutenant of Light Dragoons has been preserved by his descendants and bears the signatures of James Madison and James Monroe. He made his home at “Coles Hill”, at which place his family resides to this day. View a portrait of Capt. Coles.

Christopher Conway

Christopher Conway may have served during the War of 1812 in the 1st West Tennessee Militia (Picker’s). He was a son of James Conway, who died on December 28, 1776, while serving as 1st Lieutenant to Captain Peter Dunn’s company in the in the 6th Virginia Regiment of Continentals. Christopher Conway married Anna Slayden on January 3, 1799 in Pittsylvania County.

Edmund Fitzgerald

Edmund Fitzgerald served as a Private in the 1st Virginia Cavalry (Holcombe’s).

William Fitzgerald

William Fitzgerald probably served in the 6th Virginia Militia (Coleman’s, January – May 1814).

James Gammon

James Gammon was born in Pittsylvania County and married Elizabeth Harp in November 1811. He was drafted into Capt. Lawson’s Virginia Militia company in August 1814, in which he served as a Corporal and marched first to Richmond, then Washington, arriving three days after the British landed. He was discharged at Ellicott’s Mills in Maryland in December 1814. He migrated to the west after the war and died in Orange County, Indiana.

Willis Glass

Willis Glass was promoted to the rank of Ensign in the Pittsylvania County Militia at a court held in July 1815.

Joel Hubbard

Joel Hubbard was drafted at Elias Palmer’s in Halifax County and served as a Private in Captain John B. Royall’s Cavalry Troop in August and September of 1814. He was born in Halifax County, Virginia. He first married Elizabeth Stone, who died on May 19, 1840. Next he married Margaret Cobbs, widow of John Cobbs, in Halifax County on September 13, 1854. Joel Hubbard died on October 14, 1880.

Elijah Hunt

Elijah Hunt served as a Private in the 5th Virginia Militia during the War of 1812.


Eustace Hunt

General Eustace Hunt served as an Ensign in the 5th Virginia Militia and rose in rank in the post-war militia. He lived at “Hunting Glenn”, near Danville, Virginia with his wife Eliza Glenn Hunt. Eustace and Eliza were married in 1818 at “Bloomsburg”, the plantation home of her parents James Anderson Glenn & Isabella Wilson, daughter of Colonel John Wilson of “Dan’s Hill”.

Emmanuel Jones

Emmanuel Jones is buried in the family graveyard at his father’s plantation “Mountain Top”. He served with the Virginia Militia during the War of 1812. Emmanuel’s father Thomas Jones Sr. served as a militia officer during the American Revolution. Emmanuel married Martha Smith in Pittsylvania County in 1799.

James Jones

James Jones served as a Private in Capt. Edward Carter’s Virginia Militia Company in the 1st Cavalry Regiment.


James Lanier

James Lanier was the Captain of a cavalry troop in Sale’s Cavalry Battalion. He was Danville, Virginia’s first mayor.

James Nance

Lieutenant James Nance commanded a company of Pittsylvania County militia during the War of 1812. They were in service with the 4th Virginia Regiment from January 4 – 26, 1814. From January 18 – 26 they were attached to Capt. John Clark’s company from Prince Edward County. Read more about James Nance and his family here.

John Noble

John Noble served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 4th Virginia Militia during the War of 1812 . He was one of early Danville’s most prominent and respected citizens. He married Frances Fleming Payne on April 9, 1807. He died in Danville, Virginia and is buried in Old Grove Street Cemetery. [Captain Noble’s death notice]

James D. Patton

Dr. James D. Patton served as a Surgeon in the 6th Virginia Militia (Coleman’s, August – December, 1814).

John W. Paxton

John W. Paxton

Clement Pigg

Clement Pigg was a Private in the 4th Virginia Militia. He was a son of Hezekiah Ford Pigg and a grandson of Anne Clement and John Pigg, from whom Pittsylvania County’s “Pigg River” took it’s name.


Daniel Price

Daniel Price

John Price

John Price

Stephen Price

Stephen Price

John Pritchett

John Pritchett served as a Lieutenant in the company commanded by his brother, Captain William Pritchett.

James Still

James Still served as a Private in Sale’s Battalion of Cavalry during the War of 1812. He married Nancy Boaz on August 27, 1804 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.


James H. Stone

James H. Stone may have served during the War of 1812. Three James Stone’s served as Privates in the Virginia Militia during the war. One in the 5th Virginia Militia, one in the 9th Virginia Militia, and one in the 20th Virginia Militia.

Rawley Thompson

Born on January 10, 1792, Sergeant Rawley Thompson was a son of Washington Thompson and Jane Stott. He served in Captain James Lanier’s Company of Virginia Militia. He married Jane F. Anderson in Pittsylvania County in 1818, then married Ann Clement in 1827.


George Tosh

George Tosh served as a Private in Captain Doctor C. Williams’ Company of Virginia Militia.


George Townes

George Townes was the Captain of an artillery company during the War of 1812. He married Eliza B. Tunstall on August 10, 1819 in Pittsylvania County.


Stephen C. Townes

Stephen C. Townes served in Captain George Townes’ artillery company.


Benjamin Watkins

Up to 10 Benjamin Watkins’ served in the Virginia Militia during the war. This one may have been Pay Master for the 6th Virginia under Lt. Col. Daniel Coleman.


Ptolomy Lefevre Watkins

Ptolomy L. Watkins served as a Corporal in the 3rd Virginia Militia and as Assistant Forage Master in Governor James Barbour’s Staff. He married Harriet A. Dupuy, daughter of Peter Dupuy, on April 26, 1825 in Henrico County, Virginia. He’s buried in Old Grove Street Cemetery in Danville, Virginia.

John H. Watson

John H. Watson

Abraham White

Abraham White



Nathaniel Wilson

Nathaniel Wilson


Robert T. Wooding

Robert T. Wooding



Samuel Yates

Samuel Yates