Banister Hardy

Evy Pigg Hardy

Banister Hardy was born in Pittsylvania County in abt. 1788. He served as Lieutenant in Capt. William Payne’s Company of the 6th Virginia Militia during the War of 1812. The 6th was Col. Daniel Coleman’s Regiment. Hardy was also under the command of Capt. John Coles during his service. He volunteered at Haymes in Pittsylvania County in January 1814, for a three-month term of service, but was discharged at Norfolk on February 14, 1814, due to the ill state of his health (see his original discharge below). In 1851, he applied for bounty land and John Robinson of Pittsylvania County stated, in an affidavit on Hardy’s behalf, that he served with Banister Hardy in Norfolk under Capt. John Coles.

Hardy first married Alsey Yates on May 9, 1808. She died in 1832 or 33, and on January 20, 1834 he married Evy Pigg, daughter of Clement Pigg. Among those in attendance at the wedding of Banister Hardy and Evy Pigg were: Azariah Bailey, James M. Bailey, Willis Yates, Edward Hatchett, Sally Emerson and Louisa W. Powell. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Charles Calloway. According to his widow, Evy, Banister Hardy died on February 8, 1864. James M. Bailey helped shroud and bury his body. Evy Pigg Hardy died in 1888.

Banister Hardy's original discharge