The Boswell Brothers

John L. C. Boswell, Whitmell T. Boswell, and Nacy Boswell were sons of Ignatius “Nacy” Boswell and Susan Yates, daughter of Samuel Yates. All three joined the Confederate Army during the Civil War and none of them lived through it.

John L. C. Boswell


John was born abt. 1832 and married Louisa Ann Hardy on December 15, 1851. Louisa was a daughter of Banister Hardy, a veteran of the War of 1812. On June 29, 1861, John enlisted in the 57th Virginia Infantry and served as a Sergeant in Company E. The 57th was in Pickett’s division at Gettysburg and during the ill-fated charge on Cemetery Ridge on July 3, 1863, John was shot in the hip, fracturing his thigh. He was left on the field and captured by the enemy, after which he died of his wounds on July 14, 1863, and was buried at Gettysburg. In 1872, John’s remains were re-interred at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.




Whitmell T. Boswell


Whitmell was born abt. 1838 and joined the 24th Virginia Infantry on May 31, 1862, serving as a Sergeant in Company I. The last record of his existence is a clothing receipt dated December 27, 1864. No census, marriage, or death records indicate that he lived through the war.






Nacy Boswell


Nacy was born abt. 1841 and joined Company E of the 57th Virginia on the same day as his older brother, John. He took sick in late 1862 and received a medical furlough in November 1862 to convalesce back home in Pittsylvania County. He died of typhoid fever on January 17, 1863.