Danville Arsenal Employees Killed at Staunton River Bridge

Letter from the Danville Arsenal in memory of two employees,William H. Dillon and Thomas H. Wilkerson, who were both killed on June 25, 1864 at the Battle of Staunton River Bridge. Employees of the Danville Arsenal were members of Capt. Walter Hays Otey’s Light Artillery Company. Incidentally, Otey was on the VMI cadet guard at the execution of John Brown in November 1859.


William H. Dillon married Mary J. Goode on November 1, 1857 in Pittsylvania County. The 1860 census shows William, Mary, and daughter Nannie living in the southern district, Whitmell post office area of Pittsylvania County. William was a wheelwright.Dillon-1860

In October 1849, Thomas H. Wilkerson was married to Frances H. Buck in Pittsylvania County. Thomas is listed as a carpenter in the 1860 census, with wife Frances and children William, Mary, and Virginia.