Former Confederates Sue for Pardon

When President Andrew Johnson issued his first amnesty proclamation on May 29, 1865, the following Pittsylvania County and Danville residents found themselves excluded.  This proclamation restored United States citizenship to most former Confederates, but with fourteen categories of exceptions.  Those not covered were required to submit a special application to the President for amnesty.

Most of the men listed below fell under the 13th exception, which excluded “voluntary participants in the rebellion who had property valued at more than $20,000”.  Some also fell under the 1st excepted category, which applied to “civil or diplomatic agents or officials of the Confederacy”.

Although President Johnson intended to liberally grant amnesty to the applicants, he “intended they should sue for pardon, and so realize the enormity of their crime”.

Pittsylvania County

George Adams
George C. Brown
Algernon S. Buford
William E. Clark
William D. Coleman
Walter Coles
James M. Conway
Lysander B. Conway
Thomas Cook
Josiah J. Crews
William J. Crews
Alexander Cunningham
Robert B. Cunningham
Thomas S. Davidson
Felix S. Dodson
Samuel D. Drewry
John F. Ficklen
Edmund Fitzgerald
William Fitzgerald
A. G. Fuller
Cornelius Gilbert
George H. Gilmer
John D. Glass
Jeremiah W. Graves
Samuel Hairston
James W. Henry
Smithson H. Holland
Joseph L. Howard
Decatur Jones
Richard Jones
Lucius L. Lanier
John W. McKinsey
Nathaniel C. Miller
Madison M. Millner
George Price
Albert G. Pritchett
John Robertson
William Robinson
Caspar Rodenhizer
Charles M. Sublett
William C. Tate
Edward Poinsett Taylor
William C. Terry
William H. Waller
Azariah G. Walters
Isaac H. Watson
James M. Whittle
Thomas C. Williams
Eliza A. Williamson
Robert A. Wilson
Robert Wilson
Samuel P. Wilson
Edward D. Withers
Allen W. Womack
Thomas W. Wooding


William J. Berryman
Armistead B. Chambers
William Cheek
W. C. Claiborne
Will T. Clark
Thomas B. Doe
Elisha B. Estes
C. W. Flippin
Christopher G. Holland
John W. Holland
John M. Johnston
W. W. Keen
John W. Lewis
John F. Moses
Samuel H. Moses
James B. Pace
Thomas J. Patrick
Harrison Robertson
W. T. Sutherlin
James C. Voss
J. M. Walker