Lt. James Nance – War of 1812

James Nance's Gravestone

Lt. James Nance commanded a company of Pittsylvania County militia during the War of 1812. They were in service with the 4th Virginia Regiment from January 4 – 26, 1814. From January 18 – 26 they were attached to Capt. John Clark’s company from Prince Edward County.

James Nance was born on October 25, 1783 in Pittsylvania County, his father having moved there from Amelia County in 1780. He was the oldest son of William M. Nance & Elizabeth Thornton, who married in Pittsylvania County in 1782.

Charlotte Harrison Nance's Gravestone


In 1816, James married Charlotte Harrison in Pittsylvania County, who died on June 9, 1847.

In 1849, he married again to Nancy Dalton in Henry County. She died on June 1, 1859.

Nancy Dalton Nance's Gravestone



James’s father, William M. Nance was born January 18, 1760 in Amelia County and died on November 8, 1843 in Pittsylvania County. He fought in the Revolutionary War, for which he received a pension. After William’s death, Elizabeth submitted the following family register in support of her application for continued benefits. It had apparently been passed down to James by this time.

“James Nance his book”
James Nance, son of William Nance & Elizabeth his wife
was born Oct 25, 1783
Amelia Nance was born November 2, 1787
John Nance was born March 23, 1790
Frederick Nance was born August 2, 1792
Robert Nance was born March 21, 1794
Polly May Nance was born March 17, 1799
Jincy Nance was born September 12, 1800
Patsy Malone Nance was born March 12, 1805
Also written at the botton of the family register:
“1814 January the 4th I started to Norfolk in defence of my Country
[signed] Jas. Nance, Lieut., 34th Regt., and 2nd Batt.”

James’s mother, Elizabeth Thornton Nance, was still living as of March 8, 1849 when she renewed her application for widow’s pension benefits under the act of congress passed on February 2, 1848. James died on May 5, 1855.