My Civil War Ancestors

Three of my 2nd Great Grandfathers and six of my 3rd Great Grandfathers served during the Civil War. Eight for the Confederacy and one for the Union. The list below the table is a working list of each of these men and their brothers and/or brothers-in-law who served in the war.

My Father’s Side My Mother’s Side
Jerard Hanks Levi Harris Gammon
Thomas H. Samuel Robert D. R. Moss
Nathaniel Riley James G. Boyd
Creed O. Turner Harvey P. Calvert
James R. Grier Howard

Jerard Hanks – 2nd Great Grandfather
Private, Danville Artillery

Levi Harris Gammon – 2nd Great Grandfather
Private, 53rd Virginia Infantry, Company E – the “Davy Logan Guards”
– William D. Gammon – Co. C, 5th Va. Cav. (died 31 Jul 1862 at Hanover Courthouse)
– Drury R. M. Gammon – Co. H, 45th N.C. Inf. (died 8 Jun 1862 at Weldon, NC)
– John D. Gammon – Co. I, 57th Va. Inf. (died in service 17 Apr 1863)
– Henry J. Gammon – Co. H, 38th Va. Inf (died 8 Jun 1865 POW at Hart’s Island, NY)

Thomas H. Samuel – 2nd Great Grandfather
Private, Danville Artillery
– William W. Samuel – Corporal, Danville Artillery
– James E. Samuel – Private, Company B, 13th Virginia Light Artillery

Nathaniel Riley – 3rd Great Grandfather
Private, Company K, 55th North Carolina Infantry

Robert D. R. Moss – 3rd Great Grandfather
Private, Company I, 24th Virginia Infantry & Company H, 51st Virginia Infantry
– Doctor Mason Moss – Pvt., Co. I, 24th Va. Inf., & Pvt., 2nd Co. E, 6th Va. Inf. (wounded & lost musket at 2nd Manassas)
– Jesse P. Moss – Pvt., Co. H or G, 51st Va Inf. (died from Measles Nov. 1862 at Mt. Jackson)

Creed O. Turner – 3rd Great Grandfather
Private, Company D, 51st Virginia Infantry
– Tazewell A. Turner – Pvt., Co. H, 51st Va Inf
– George Tyler Turner – Pvt., Co. D, 51st Va Inf

James G. Boyd – 3rd Great Grandfather
Private, 14th Virginia Infantry, Company K – the “Dan River Rifles”

Harvey P. Calvert – 3rd Great Grandfather
Private, 13th Virginia Infantry, Company H – the “Winchester Boomerangs”
– Callohill M. Calvert – 3rd Lt., Co. D, 28th Va. Inf. (died of gunshot wound rec’d at Sharpsburg)
– Charles H. Calvert – Drummer, Co. B, 58th Va. Inf. (age 52 when discharged in 1863)

James R. Grier Howard – 3rd Great Grandfather
Private, 7th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company I – the “Youngstown Union Guards”