Rev. James Beck’s Excommunication

I recently published an account of my search for the James Beck graveyard. This will provide a little history on the man himself. He was the pastor for a time at Strawberry Primitive Baptist Church and the following excerpts are from the original minutes of the church concerning his excommunication for being a drunkard and his subsequent reinstatement several years later.

Beck Excommunicated 1829

(above) Beck excommunicated due to “reports yet being in circulation against the said James Beck injurious both to his ministerial & christian character, to wit, that of his being a drunkard”

(below) “James Beck came forward and made acknowledgement to the church of his transgression, confessing the justness & correctness of his excommunication, and expressing his sorrow for the same, in such a manner as the church thinks proper to restore him to fellowship as a private member”

Beck Welcomed Back 1837