The Oldest Gravestone?

Is this the oldest inscribed gravestone in Pittsylvania County?  It’s the oldest one I’ve ever seen.  This old graveyard is full of years and honors. Here’s an old report done by the depression-era Works Progress Administration:  Buckley_Graveyard

James Buckley, Sr. recorded his will in September of 1787 and it was proven in court in January of 1788, so he most likely died in the latter part of 1787.  The year of death inscribed on the stone appears to read “1784”, but the “4” looks unfinished.  Perhaps the inscriber or the family realized the mistake and stopped without making the correction.  It’s also possible that the stone was added some years after his death and maybe there was some confusion or a miscommunication about his year of death.  Whatever the circumstances were, this is still a very old stone.  The stone gives his age at death as 65 years, which puts his birth in 1722.

1722 – 1787

Rubbed with white chalk (harmless to the stone):